This is a long-term intervention course. We start right in the first year of degree and polish students till they complete their final year. In the first two years, we focus only on the soft skills aspects of the students’ personalities. We work only on the communication skills and personality development of students in this period. By the end of the second year, students become confident speakers and they become aware of their core competencies. The objective is simple: we want our students to attain a very positive outlook towards their life early on. Once this is accomplished, the students are ready to step in to the third year of their degree courses with a can-do attitude.

In the third year, we concentrate on the aptitude part of the campus recruitment tests. We teach them everything, right from simple arithmetic to complex time, distance and percentage concepts. Our practice tests add to their test-solving skills and the students get ready to face campus recruitment tests of various companies.

In the final year of the degree course, we make our students undergo focused revision of all the concepts that we have taught them in the previous three years. Revision helps them to recollect the concepts better and improves their performance dramatically in all areas of the recruitment tests, namely, written test, group discussions, and interviews.

Company Highlights

  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified company.
  • Managed by highly qualified professional team and experienced faculty members and advisors etc.
  • We make every student employable by providing soft skill training
  • International presence and certification, giving competitive edge over other institutes
  • Educational content provided in mixed (English & Hindi) languages

Our aim to make every student employable by providing him/her IT as well as soft skill training through our institutes.